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Seal Rings:

      • Seal Ring - Bevel Canopy
      • Seal Ring – Cee Canopy
      • Body Seal Ring
      • Omega Seal Ring
      • Main Omega Seals
      • Pressurizer Seals
      • Outer & Inner Seals
      • CYL Cap Seal
      • Seal Mockups
      • Upper & Lower Seals
      • Body Seal
      • Instrumentation Seals

Seal rings are used in nuclear applications of which most identified here are Navy applications. Seal rings are commonly made from stainless steel, Monel 400, and nickel base alloys. We have produced seals that range in size from under 2” diameter to over 55”. We have made them by forming them from sheet and plate in thicknesses from .140” to over .500” thick and by machining them from forgings. Seal rings sometimes have sophisticated microstructural requirements with rigid requirements for flow lines and grain sizes.

Threaded Products:
      • Bolts & Screws
      • Nuts & Washers
      • Standard & Special
      • Metric & English / ANSI Unified, ISO, and non-standard
      • Acme, Square, and modified threads

Threaded products can be produced by many different methods such as die cutting, single point tools in lathes, grinders, or mills (turning centers, machining centers, and thread grinders). Product can be in all types of materials from carbon and alloy steels to high strength alloys and most non-metallics

Valve & Valve Components:
      • Gate valves
      • Check valves
      • Ball valves
      • Stems
      • Discs
      • Yokes
      • Bodies
      • Glands
      • Rods
      • Seal Rings
      • Plugs
      • Balls
      • Adapters
      • Actuators

Tank Rings

Fabrication - Formed & Welded Stainless Steel Funnel

Formed Stainless Cups

Heavy Duty Caster Assembly


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